Inkie Studio


Designing and crafting with wood began as a side hobby that provided a tangible outlet to source inspiration, and work with creative freedom. It has since become a larger focus at Inkie, merging our knowledge of furniture design and board shaping to create understated, contemporary pieces. Alike all aspects of our studio, Inkie celebrates the beauty and function of simplistic design.


Ivy Niu Label

Ivy Niu Label is an eclectic collection of unique, playful pieces utilising natural fabrics and intricate illustrations. Ivy emphasises simple silhouettes and organic forms as the basis of her quirky designs, with each hand-produced garment in the collection being one of a kind. Inkie was asked to build four timber garment racks to showcase Ivy Niu’s 2017 Spring / Summer collection at The Paper Empire launch event. The simple, understated form of the handcrafted racks, along with the natural materials used compliment Ivy’s collection, without distraction.